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Cottage garden Beautiful Ideas
Farm gardens are colorful, wild and provide you with fruits and vegetables. If you plan your farm garden properly, you have little work and can harvest and enjoy colorful flowers all year round. Here you get beautiful ideas for the design of your farmer’s garden.

Ideas for cottage garden plants
A farm garden usually consists of a colourful mixture of ornamental and useful plants. These are not simply colourful messes, but divided into individual beds. Beautiful ideas for the selection of vegetable and fruit plants can be found in our contribution to planning a farmer’s garden. Here are a few tips for creating the beds:

Separate your beds with natural bed borders, e.g. with natural stones, wood or hedge plants.
Always plant strongly growing plants such as Golden strawberries, ivy or raspberries with a root barrier, e.g. made of pond foil
When creating flower beds, pay attention to the height of the individual flowers. Small plants should be planted at the edge of the bed, larger ones further back. Here you will find an Overview of beautiful cottage garden flowers and its height.
Plant perennials and flowers that sow themselves. The plants reproduce themselves, or/and come every year. So you save work and leave no room for weeds.
Ideas for the paths and boundaries of the farmer’s garden
A farm garden is usually divided into fruit and vegetables as well as flower beds and is often delimited to the outside.

Farm gardens have no fixed paths. Instead, lay out the paths with Mulch, Sand or gravel.
The boundaries of your garden with a natural wooden fence. You can find out how to build it yourself in this guide.
Alternatively, low natural stone walls fit well into a farm garden. Slopes can be intercepted and fixed.

Attract animals to the farm garden
Animals bring life to the garden, but of course only welcome guests:

Create a small wildlife pond and attract frogs to your garden. Alternatively, you can also put fish in the pond.
With a bird feeder help the birds during the cold Season over the Winter and you can enjoy them.
With a nest box, they offer birds safe nesting rooms during the breeding season.
An insect hotel not only looks pretty, but also attracts beneficial insects to the farm garden.

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