garten pflaster #garten #garten Im thinking of making a tutorial/guide to buildi…

garten pflaster #garten #garten Im thinking of making a tutorial/guide to building these types of garden beds…#beds #building #garden #making

The farmer’s garden is considered the epitome of rural life. Here, healthy vegetables, sweet fruits, aromatic herbs and colourful flowers thrive side by side. This gem of living cultural history is managed in harmony with nature, without insecticides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. To this day, the classic farm garden has undergone numerous modifications to the flourishing kitchen garden without losing sight of the old values. The original floor plan, which today is designed with a view to a decorative look, has been preserved. This guide reveals which plants turn your farm garden into a flowering paradise in style.
Historical floor plan is valid then as now
The farm garden gets its special character through a traditional floor plan, which has survived the change of times unchanged. The concept was born from the medieval monastery gardens with four separate gardens: garden of the great cloister, orchard, vegetable garden and herb garden. The farmers of that time had little Land of their own, so that out of necessity they combined all four gardens into one unit. In order to plan your private farm garden, please first create a sketch for the floor plan with these components:
A cross with 4 equal-sized beds
At the crossing point a roundel as an eye-catcher
A fence as enclosure with 1 to 2 entrances
A circular path between fence and beds as a working path
Borders frame each bed

Decorative elements are incorporated into the design. These include a bench, a rose arch above the entrance, stone statues, a covered fountain or green trellis. Natural materials such as wood and stone dominate the farm garden. Therefore, bark mulch, gravel, chippings, natural stone or lawn are the preferred path surface. A proper, historically correct enclosure can be a staking fence, a hunter’s fence or a wicker fence. Where space permits, a planted dry stone wall surrounds the site and gives your farm garden an authentic touch.

Fence sucker for a flourishing enclosure
The fencing in your cottage garden is transformed with fence-Gazer-plant into a thriving Bastion. Towering, leaning perennials find ideal conditions here to measure themselves with the flower splendor of the beds. Browse through the following Selection:
Stockrose (Alcea)’ Parkallee ‘ turns every fence into a summer flower fairy in light yellow
Hemp-leaved Marshmallow (Althaea cannabina) delights with a flowering period from July to October
Broadleaf asters (Aster novae-angliae) immerse the Autumn Farm Garden in a salmon pink sea of flowers
Forest vines (Clematis) remain faithful to them for many years with opulent flowering
Sun bride hybrid’ Baudirektor Linne ‘ (Helenium) decorates the fence and delivers long flowering cut flowers

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