Broceliandes Gartenträume – ein Cottage Garten im Bergischen Land

Broceliandes Gartenträume – ein Cottage Garten im Bergischen Land

Planning a farm garden
A cottage garden should be well planned: from the arrangement Of the beds and paths on the plant selection to be limited. In the following you will find ideas and tips for suitable vegetable and fruit varieties as well as a guide for the step – by-step planning of your farmer’s garden.

Farmer’s garden plan
The most important thing when creating a farmer’s garden is planning. This is best done on a sheet of paper, the bigger the better.

Measure the area intended for the farmer’s garden and transfer dimensions and shape to the paper.
Draw trees, shrubs, walls and other existing non-moving elements.
Select shaded areas and Sunny areas.
Now create the individual beds on your sketch. In the classical construction of a farmer’s garden there is a fountain or a tree in the middle and symmetrically therefore beds and paths are arranged.
Consider well how many and which beds you want to use for vegetable and fruit growing. Consider the shade and sun spots. Most vegetables and fruits thrive better in the sun.
Do you want to create a raised bed? Raised beds facilitate gardening and are easier to protect against pests.

Fruits and vegetables in the farm garden
Fruits and vegetables belong to the farm garden as well as colorful flower beds. If you plan the farm garden well, you can harvest all year round. Colorful flowers in the cottage garden
It should be colourful in the farmer’s garden. But you should also plan something about sowing the Bauerngarten flowers. Plant lower plants at the edge of the bed and higher plants further back. Here you will find information about the height of the most beautiful cottage garden flowers. You save a lot of work when planting perennials. We have compiled a selection of the most beautiful farm garden perennials for you here.

The following farmer’s garden perennials, which dominate the romantic character of the nostalgic garden concept. These are settled in the midst of crops. Please let yourself be guided by a balanced adjustment of the different growth Heights. It is the task of perennials to set decorative accents without overgrowing the vegetable plants and cutting them off from the light. Combine species with different flowering times, the feast of colors continues seamlessly throughout the growth period.

Useful tips
A borders of your garden with a self-built fence. You can find instructions for self-building here.

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