1 Garten, 2 Ideen: Vom Mini-Grundstück zur blühenden Oase

Vom Mini-Grundstück zur blühenden Oase

Make a farm garden beautiful
A farm garden looks a bit wild, romantic and dreamy. In addition to vegetables and fruit, flowers and herbs are also a central Element in the farm garden. In the following you will get nice ideas for the design of your farmer’s garden.

Making the right plant selection
The most Important thing for the farmer’s garden design, plant selection is. Farm gardens usually have a variety of different fruits, vegetables and flowers. Colorful is the appropriate adjective for a farm garden. We have compiled a selection of the 20 most beautiful flowers for you here.
Which fruits and vegetables you can grow in your farm garden depends mainly on the orientation. In the sun almost everything thrives very well, from tomato to strawberries to Zucchini. But what also grows in a garden that gets only a few hours of sun?

Wild raspberries

Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts
Spinach, Swiss Chard
Root Vegetables (Carrots, Radishes, Beetroot)
Peas, Beans

Forest master
Wild garlic

Designing paths and beds in the farmhouse garden
Typical for the Bauerngarten is the wayside cross, a symmetrical structure in which four paths cross from the middle. The beds are arranged symmetrically around it. If you put all the beds together, they would make a perfect square.
The paths are usually not fixed, but covered with grass, gravel or bark mulch.
The beds are either open or are bordered with natural bed borders such as box bushes. A border with natural stones is also conceivable.

The fine Extra: the fence around the farmhouse garden
Wooden fences almost belong to the farm garden. Not only do they look attractive, they also serve a practical purpose by excluding, for example, game or cats. Natural picket fences or Staket fences are particularly suitable for the farm garden. Both you can easily build yourself. You can find out how to do this here.

Adding decorative elements
If you want to beautify your farm garden even further, you can provide it with decorative elements. The same applies here: the more natural the better. Sculptures and figures made of stones, wood or roots, preferably without painting, give the Garden A Plus and fit into the rural scheme. Also Vintage items like an old Bicycle or a rusted watering can promote the romantic touch. A homemade Scarecrow peppers the vegetable garden and keeps greedy birds away.

Tip: the planting plan in the farmer’s garden must not ignore the fact that not all useful and ornamental plants are compatible with each other in mixed culture. So, for example, an immediate neighborhood of peas and potatoes should be avoided. Cucumbers and potatoes interfere with each other as well, such as cabbage and Kohlrabi, Leeks and green beans, or celery and lettuce.

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